Himalayan Socks & Village Women

These amazing hand knitted socks can be found in various parts of the Himalayan regions, but we have found one of the best sock knitting Amalas (Old Ladies) in the region of Manali, at the top of the Kullu Valley. Together with her sisters, daughters and friends, she knits these socks while walking amongst the forest trails watching her cows graze on the wild grasses.

The details are beautiful and the quality is special each time. No two pairs of socks are the same, as each has its own unique character that makes it one of a kind. Having said that, if you see a pattern that you like, they can knit to order any pattern that you choose and make the size that will suit your foot.

These socks are not only a wonderful way of keeping your feet warm and colourful wherever you are in the world, but they also support women’s handicraft in a region where traditionally women don’t have an income of their own. They are typically dependant on the men in the community to support them, so this project is aimed at supporting these women, with at least 50% of the proceeds going directly to the woman who knitted them. The other 50% goes to the local people responsible for getting them from the knitter to you.

This offers a significant step up from the knitter’s usual margin of around 5% to 10% and gives a fair share back to the women who create these socks.


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