Delivery Details

In order to keep this site simple to manage, and reasonable for all, we have made the postage and handling (P&H) fee a fixed rate for anywhere in the world.

At the moment this is $10AUD, and in some cased might be less than the actual cost. We have talked to our postage team in India and they are happy to absorb any extra costs out of the margin in the products.

This means the postage will be the same, regardless of whether you order 1 item or multiple items. You can add different items to the same order for the one P&H fee, as long as they are all sent together. Each parcel will attract a P&H fee.

So it makes sense for you to order multiple items and get savings on your delivery costs. Delivery will either be via Air Mail or via International Courier, whichever is quick and easiest at the time. Both have standard delivery times of around 10 to 14 days for most parts of the world. Allow 21 days before you start to get worried.

We will email you a delivery tracking number when your parcel is sent so that you can track its progress on the way to you.

Sock are no problem to deliver, but it is possible that the customs in your country may find the Shilajit a curious item. We label this as Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine from India, which is a standard item to send around the world, and usually attracts no attention.

If your item is held up or confiscated at customs, then that will be at your own risk. Please check the legality of bringing Shilajit into your country before you order, if you have any doubts about this. We have not had any issues with it coming into Australia as yet.


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