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A little about who we are...

The Himalayan Team


A descendant of Tibetan nomadic horsemen, his years of exploring the high Himalayas has revealed to him the secret locations of pure Shilajit, which he generously shares with us and a select few lucky ones who order here.


A native of the Manali region of Kullu Valley, it is his mother and sisters who knit socks. Due to his ability to read and write, he supports them by taking the orders and packaging the socks for them wherever they need to go.


That’s what we call her. At something over 70 years, she is an inspirational strong active woman in her community. Still working hard in her fields ploughing and sowing by hand, she knits the best socks we’ve ever seen in her spare time.

The Australian Team


As a long time traveller, explorer and tour guide in the Himalayas, he is keen to support and enrich the lives of the people who live there. The connections for Made In The Himalayas developed over many years of shared adventures.


One of the original instigators of the Made In The Himalayas project, she has been instrumental in sharing the joys and benefits of Shilajit for Health and Arty Socks for Cosy Toes amongst her friends and family.


As the Australian face of Made In The Himalayas, Bubuloo oversees the orders and makes sure everyone gets what they paid for and that the funds go directly back to the right people in the Himalayas.

Connecting People Around The World

Timely Support

If you have any questions about our site and our products, please contact us and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Innovative Ideas

It is our intention that the idea behind this project supports good people of the Himalayas, and we aim to add more products to this site as they become available.

Advanced Technology

Using the latest in online shopping and advanced courier services with tracking facilities, we aim to bring the benefits of the internet age to those without access to the internet.

Clear Communication

There are real people involved with this project, spread across 2 countries, but we aim to respond quickly to any contact we receive through our online contact form.

Recent Blog Posts

Some background information about our project.

New Socks July 2015

Some of the new colours we've picked up in the sock range... there are about 50 options at the moment, but we've selected just a few of our favourites to post here.    ...

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Angora Socks Now Available

These are super special, as the Angora Rabbit Hair is so soft and comfy these socks will definitely take off. The rabbits are well cared for in the Kullu region and unlike some reports of rabbits in China having their hair pulled out brutally, these rabbits get a hair...

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Socks in Stock April 2015

Hi folks, we've just had an update from our knitting Mumma in the Himalayas... these are the latest batch of socks that are currently in stock. If you want a particular pair, use the letter/number code on the sock for ordering. (EG - B2)...

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Fay’s Socks

Here's a happy sock customer, who came to India on a Yak Trak journey to the Himalayas and picked up some super warm socks along the way. She was part of our annual Tabo Kids Tour to Ladakh, where we travel up to the remote Spiti Valley on the Tibetan border, pick up...

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Himalayan Friends

Once you've been trekking into the Himalayas, you'll understand why its so incredible. The magic of the place is one thing, and the people are also an incredible part of the experience. Having lead tours into the Indian Himalayas since 1992, I can vouch for the good...

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Socks Socks Socks

Having been travelling to the Himalayas for over 20 years, the number of times I have been gifted a beautiful pair of hand knitted socks far exceeds the number of finger and toes I have to count on. Over the years they have been used as gifts, house shoes, winter...

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